Hello! — 안녕하세요! — こんにちは! — 你好! — Hola! — 20 years old. A fangirl for sure ~_^ This is my blog and I reblog/post things I like, things I love! Lately I'm really into CNBLUE[Bias: Jung YongHwa] & INFINITE [Bias: HoYa (Lee HoWon)] also K-pop but I keep loving JoBros, Miley, Demi, Selena, Taylor, Katelyn & BTR. I am... — PROUD, I have to say —
Jonatic. Smiler. Selenator. Lovatic. Swifty. Tarvernator. Rusher. Boice. Inspirit.!!! If you want to talk to me, DO IT!!! I speak spanish (I'm Mexican, so...) and I'm good in english (good but not TOO GOOD!, sorry =_= ) Live, Love, Laugh

No time for haters.....JUST PEACE & LOVE
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